Bali IT Networking Services

Networking has become one of the most important factor in today business; it’s able to saving you a lot of money by providing sharing resources within your company and make you or your employees able to access your company data or system from anywhere (worldwide) via Internet. The most commons things are Internet connection sharing, file sharing, printer sharing and service or server publishing but also applicable for a complex application or system.

Networking is applicable in all levels of company, no matter how small or how big your company is. Again, no need expensive devices to have a reliable and stable network, all you need is a good advice and qualified technician.

If you own a business that visited by many peoples then you can offer additional value added service to your Customers, you can provide them with a free or paid Wifi (Hotspot) service. For a free Wifi service, you can utilize it as a powerful marketing tool by using a “Social Wifi” system; it required your Customers to post on their social profile if they’re currently using a free Wifi service in your place to be able to use Internet for free. You can imagine how many peoples reached by this method? Unlimited…. that’s the power of social media network. And for paid Wifi service, you can sell a voucher or a package that’s bundled with your product to make it more attractive to your existing or potential customers.

By having a reliable network and a good system in place (try our system integration services), and also performing periodic maintenance of your network and computer system (try our system maintenance services) then you will be able to achieve an effective IT operational process within your company like many big companies did.

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