Bali System Integrator

As mentioned in our homepage, a good system is not always expensive if you know how to use and optimize your existing resources. Optimization does not mean you have to buy a new hardware or build a new system; it could be a configuration change only. In many cases, problems are solved only with fixing the configuration and no need to rebuild a new system. But to be able to diagnose existing system, you need to find an experienced and qualified technician. Finding a qualified specialist capable of undertaking this task in a professional and competent manner can be a difficult task. Let us offer you our assistance, call us today and our expert will analyze your existing system and propose for the solution according to your requirements.

By implementing a good system and reliable network (try our networking services if you’ve experiencing issue with your existing network), you will have a full control to all of your company’s data and system. Have you ever know whether your staff able to access your confidential files or not? Don’t guessing.., if it’s an important issue for you, act now and take control before it’s too late. Implement an access level management in your company, hence your employee only able to access a file, directory or resources that permitted for them, in simple word… authorized personnel only.

Together with the implementation of a good backup system and disaster recovery plan, you will be able to survive from disasters and recover your data or system quickly without need to rebuild it from scratch. You’re also avoiding to put your company in data loss situation. But in case it already happened, we’re able to help you to recover your valued data. We’re providing data recovery services as well.

Take controls before it’s too late !