Bali Data Recovery

When you’ve experienced data loss situation, the very first thing you have to do is DON’T PANIC, turn off your disk or machine and keep it away from anyone. By doing that, you’ve increased a possibility to recover your data. Do not try to recover your data if your data is valuable for you and you didn’t know how to recover it. Trying to recover data using inappropriate method or tools will cause your data lost forever.

We are able to recover data from any types of media and system, whether the data storage is internal hard disk, external USB disk, flash disk, media card (SD Card, MMC, etc), NAS storage or even Server RAID storage, we’re able to help you to recover your data, all types of system; Windows, Mac or Linux.

If you’ve accidentally deleted your data (files), deleted email message, email database being corrupted, formatted disk or partition, partition lost because of crashed system or deleted by virus, we’re able to help you recovering data from those cases. We’re also able to recover data from a disk with many bad sectors or even inaccessible disk, whatever the case, we will recover your valued data using a proven method and tools in data recovery industry.

If you’re taking preventive action as mentioned above, in most case we’re able to recover your valued data. In case your disk handled by the unqualified data recovery specialist/technician, it can cause your data lost forever therefore always think twice before trust someone to recover your data.

Here at BaliTechDude, we will analyze the situation and perform a diagnostic using a proven method and tools therefore we’re able to ensure  if we will not harm your data. Your data recovery  process will be handled by our best and experienced technician. We cannot give you any warranties because it depends to the media storage condition and each cases are vary, but we give you “No Recovery, No Charge” agreement, no matter how much times we’ve spent when trying to recover your data, to show you how serious we are, in taking care of your data.

You can easily avoiding data loss situation if you’re implementing a good backup and reliable system in your company (try our system integration services) and having a good disaster recovery plan (DRP). Call us today and we will assist you with all of your requirements.

Do not regret later by trusting the wrong person